About HumaneSolution.com

HumaneSolution.com is a system for spay/neuter clinics to book appointments, invoice clients, record information about surgeries performed, and generate a number of related reports.

HumaneSolution.com is developed and maintained by independent programmer Adam O'Neil, 864-610-0056, email adamo@humanesolution.com.

Privacy Policy

Information Collected

HumaneSolution.com stores your name, physical address, phone number(s), possibly your email address, and information about pets you have had spayed or neutered.

What Happens to the Information You Enter

Clinics that opt to share data with PetSmart Charities can receive your physical address and information about spays and neuters performed on your pets. This is used for measuring the effectiveness of efforts to reduce unwanted pets in specific geographic areas. Your information is not used to make sales pitches of any kind.

Your information may also be reviewed by Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter clinic in Asheville, NC (humanealliance.org), but really only to provide technical support to clinics using HumaneSolution.com. Your information may also be viewed by the HumaneSolution.com programmer Adam O'Neil--but again--only in the course of providing technical support to clinics using the system.

If you have provided an email address to your clinic that uses this system or entered it here, HumaneSolution.com users may send email reminders about appointments or other service reminders. To opt out of receiving all email from HumaneSolution.com, please send a blank message to optout@humanesolution.com.

HumaneSolution.com does not share data otherwise unless by court order, though this has never happened.

Information Not Collected

HumaneSolution.com does not collect credit card information, and does not process credit card payments. If you pay an appointment deposit, it's done through PayPal exclusively, and HumaneSolution.com never has access to your credit card.

HumaneSolution.com does not collect nor store Social Security numbers, tax IDs, people's birth dates, nor bank account or routing numbers.